How To Burn More Fat And Calories Using Treadmill

Burn fat using treadmill

Are you feeling that you are not slim like before anymore? Are you frustrated moving with a big fat body? Are you too busy working that you do not have enough time to workout? Then a treadmill is your only solution. Using a treadmill you run miles after miles and do some other basic free hand exercises. That may not make your masculine but your extra fat and calories will surely get burnt. Here are some tips and tricks what burns more fat and calories when you are using a treadmill.

  • Use your treadmill effectively. There is a technique that if you split your each minute of running into 30 seconds walking, 20 seconds running and 10 seconds sprint, you burn more of your calories. If you continue a constant speed then your body gets used to it. But if you continuously keep changing your pace, then the body does not get used to it often and keeps burning more calories.
  • Maintain regularity. Maintaining regularity in exercising while using the treadmill helps you burn your fat. If you can follow three weekly cardio workout plans it will bring you the best outcome.
  • Be quick on your feet. It causes the heart rate to increase. And shows the result within a week. Usually, one uses the frequency of 150 to 160, but 180 is faster. If you can cope up with such speed, you will be able to burn your calories as per you wanted to.
  • Sometimes running alone is boring. So, to have some more effective time, call for a partner. If you are working out together, it is helpful for both of you. You can inspire each other. You can have some other music apps too for working out. These apps literally charge you up for more exercises.

More Tips

  • Running only forward is too mainstream. The treadmill may have a single direction but you are the one who can change the directions. You can walk or run in a mild speed, you can run backwards. It takes more attention and more efficiency. You can also walk sideways which is another toughest job to do but easier way to burn calories.
  • Walk or run properly. A good formation or gestures of body is also an important factor for burning more calories. Keep your elbows straight and moving. Keep your body straight and maintain a shoulder height.
  • Get an extra weight if you can. While walking take an exercising ball in your hands, or carry a bag. Adding an extra weight helps you burn more calories.
  • Turn off the treadmill and try walking like that. Move the belt with all the forces you have. This is another effective ways to burn your extra calories.
  • Do not walk with a zero inclination. First create a slope and then walk. It is always difficult to walk on a steep road.

If you can follow these rules, you will surely burn all of your extra fat before anyone else who is using a treadmill in a common way. Burn your fats, stay healthy and stay happy.

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