What is Durable Medical equipment?

Do you know, what is Durable Medical equipment? Let us we know about this topic.

What is Durable Medical equipment?

Upon discharge from the hospital, the doctor may tell you that you need durable medical equipment. This may get you in a puzzle wondering what it is and how to get it. Solution to the puzzle is here. Durable medical equipment means, equipment used to provide therapy to a patient with the certain illness, while outside or within a hospital.

DME helps a patient when recovering from an illness. For example, if you have a walking problem, you may need a wheelchair to help you move around. If you have a breathing problem you may use an oxygen equipment or tank. Such equipment is called Durable Medical Equipment (DME).They are important in ensuring quality health care and quality life.

Durable medical equipment list

There are many types of Durable Medical Equipment designed for various medical purposes. The doctor or physicians first recommend one for you and then you may proceed to buy or even rent. Each of DME depends on the specific medical need that a patient has. Durable medical equipment examples are given below:



Oxygen equipment & accessories,

Iron lungs,


Commode Chair



Patient Lifts,


X-Ray equipment

Nerve stimulator

Pulse Oximeter

Colposcopy Equipment

Infant Incubator

Exam Light,

Exam Table


Traction equipment,

Kidney machines,


Surgical Headlamp



Back braces,

Blood sugar monitors,

Air-fluidized beds,

Blood sugar test strips,

Infusion pumps and supplies, suction pumps e t c


Distinctive qualities of Durable Medical Equipment

This equipment is usually—-


Usable at home


Medical credentials

Used for medical reasons

Not useful for someone who is not sick


Prescribed by a Physician.

How to get Durable Medical Equipment

If when leaving the hospital and the doctor is of the view that your medical condition needs a Durable Medical equipment, the doctor may write for you a prescription which you take it to the supply of this equipment. Your insurance company may cover for it. Alternatively; you may buy or rent.

Is there a Medical cover for Durable Medical Equipment?

Yes, there is. Just like any other form of the illness is covered by various insurance companies under different medical plans, DME is covered. This happens after it is established that DME is medically necessary.

There are many insurance companies with different medical cover programs such as Medicare and Medicaid to mention a few. Each cover has different policies and strict rules which have to be met for this coverage to happen.

Commonly, a cover by the company for DME happens if the following criteria are met:

The equipment provides therapeutic benefits

DME is prescribed by a licensed physician

DME does not serve for comfort or convenience

The equipment doesn’t have non-medical issues

Otherwise, services are not covered if DME does not provide therapeutic benefits, is for convenience and has not been prescribed by a doctor. This equipment is used at home to make it easier to manage the basic needs and medical care for the ill persons.

You have got details answer. So there is no confusion about what is Durable Medical Equipment? Now if you need any DME you can select the right equipment for you.

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