How do you lock a zero gravity chair?

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A zero gravity chair is a wonderful chair that has all the relaxing options you need when your life is full of stress and anxiety. Nowadays life is so busy and stressful that you have no time to relax or relief. Just work and get tension. For this reason, people are falling sick in early age. It is up to us to take care of our self to live long and be with our family. As modern technology is snatching our peace, it is also giving us some wonderful devices to restore our peace by using them.

One of them is zero gravity chair. This chair is wonderful when you are in deep stress or in pain and want to lay for some time. You can just lie down and take full rest. All you have to do is using this chair in flying position. To keep the position you have to lock the chair.  This article is all about how do you lock a zero gravity chair.

Read Zero Gravity Chairs

Steps of locking the chair:

  • Hold the chair straight on the legs and make sure the pillow is fronting frontward.
  • Then just push the armrest gently in the direction of the ground. Push it to the front and back legs are on the ground.
  • Now sit on the chair and push the back of the chair fully with your back by resting on it.
  • While pushing keep your arms on the arm rest.
  • Remember to keep your foot on the footrest bar.
  • Just lay back and try to make the footrest bar upward and forward by pushing at the same time. Do it until you get into your required position.
  • When you are in the relaxed position, look for the locking tool. Mainly you will find it under the armrest.
  • Flip the lock system upwards. Make sure it is locked properly.
  • Use some shifting weight to ensure the lock is done properly or not.
  • You can also unlock the chair easily. Just flip the lock downwards and unlock it.
  • When the chair is unlocked, you can use your feet to bring the chair in normal position.

You can see the zero gravity chair is very user-friendly and easy to use. You will face no problem while locking or unlocking it.

You may ask why to use a gravity chair. This chair will keep you relax and pain-free. If you have the problem with spine or back. You will feel comfortable when you are using this chair. Do you think you have poor heart or any breathing problem? Don’t worry just use this magic chair for some time and see the improvement of your health. Trust me this chair is just worth it.

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So lastly you can see the way of How do you lock a zero gravity chair easy and quick. You don’t have to suffer any extra hassle or pain when you are in locking mood with this chair. It is easy and simple.

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