Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill Review

phoenix 98510 easy-up manual treadmill

Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill is impressive cardio exercise equipment that allows you to walk or jog comfortably in the comfort of your home.   This product offers you plenty of exercise options without having to spend a fortune. This inexpensive yet versatile equipment makes a great addition to your home gym.

A self-powered machine name Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill which is easy to use as it comes with a single button display that tracks speed, time, distance, calories. The model also features pre-adjustment belts for easy adjustments, a weighted flywheel as well as a sturdy running belt. This treadmill is constructed with the user’s needs in mind to ensure that it provides a smooth and quiet operation.

Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill

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Comparison Chart Of Phoenix 98510

Both Phoenix 98510 and Phoenix 98516 treadmill are affordable and come with impressive features. Let us compare the two products and find out their similarities as well as their differences.

Model 98510 98516
Type Manual Manual
Running area 41 by 13 inches 41. 5 by 13.5 inches
Weight capacity 250lbs 250lbs
Plug your ipod No No
Folds the treadmill vertically Yes Yes
Workout programs No No

Key Features of Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill

From the following key feathers will help you to get decision. Let’s have a look the following key feathers of Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill.

  • Easy to release operation
  • Allows you to achieve maximum walking and jogging speed comfortably
  • Has a single button console that displays your distance, calories used and capturing time as well as speed
  • Has a safety knob that ensures that the equipment is safely locked for storage
  • It is a folding treadmill that you can easily fold and lock in upright position
  • Compact design that occupies small working and storage space
  • Has a water bottle included
  • Allow users to enjoy a smooth, quiet operation and heavy-duty weighted flywheel

Technical Info

Size 46.5W by 50H by 21.1D inches
Weight 45 pounds
Walking Surface 41″ by 13″
Power Source Manual
Max user weight 250 lbs
Visual Display Yes
Adjustable Resistance Yes
Calorie Tracker Yes
Speed Tracker Yes
Distance Tracker Yes
Materials Weighted Flywheel and Steel Frame

Unique Features of Phoenix 98510

This Phoenix 98510 comes with some unique features than other manual treadmills are available in the market. The unique features are given below.

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Foldable and easy to store

One of the best feature that cone with Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill is that it can be folded easy and occupy very little storage space. The product is fitted with a spring that has a pull pin that you can use to lock it into an upright position. This product also folds easily. Actually, one person can fold it conveniently as it weighs about 45Lbs. It is an excellent exercise toll for individuals who want to have a quality treadmill but do not have the luxury of space.


What we like best about Phoenix 98510 easy-up manual treadmill is the affordability. Looking at the features that the treadmill has to offer, we are amazed by its price. At as an entry-level treadmill it has impressive features with some of its features available on the high-end models, which are expensive. The model has everything you need to start living a healthy life. The treadmill remains a low-cost product as it incorporates a heavy-weighted flywheel that allows you to walk, jog or even run at their pace comfortably.

Easy to assemble

This best treadmill is very easy to assemble. When we look at the design, it features a simple yet ergonomic design that does not have overcrowding features. This makes it a simple to assemble equipment. An experienced DIY can put it up in less than 20 minutes and those who are not very familiar with assembling devices taking less than an hour. You do not need to call a professional to come and fix the equipment as you are provided with the manual. All the parts and tools needs are included. Another great thing about this machine is that once you have completed assembling it; you can jump on it and start working out.


This product has a deck that rolls along as you walk on it. When you increase your step, this equipment will increase the power since it depends on your speed to power up. It will allow you to carry out excellent fitness exercises that allow your heart to work on and increased and regular blood flow.

Display console

The Phoenix 98510 Easy-up Treadmill has a simple display console that lets you view all your workouts. It has simple to use button that you need to press for it to send the information to the dashboard. Here the equipment will display your distance covered, time taken, speed, and some calories burnt. Although the treadmill is one of the cheapest models available, it functions properly and is very easy to use.

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Pros And Cons Of Phoenix 98510 Easy Up Manual Treadmill


  • Easy to set up and take apart
  • Has a tracking display monitor that display the distance covered, speed, time was taken as well as calories burnt
  • Low cost design
  • Lightweight, making it easy to move around
  • One of the extremely low priced models on the market
  • Low maintenance Folds easy and have a lockable feature that locks it in an upright position
  • Durable frame construction
  • Has a heavy-duty track belt An easy to read display


  • You will not be able to walk at a slow pace as this can make the treadmill stop
  • Not comfortable for people with long feet
  • The level of inclination may at times make it hard for you to perform intense workouts


FAQ Section of Phoenix 98510

Q. Do I need to hold the sidebars while jogging or running?

A. Yes. This treadmill is a bit inclined. This will make you be in an inclined position while running. For this reason, you need to hold on the sidebars for more support

Q. Is the treadmill noisy?

A. The treadmill has a quiet operation, and the noise is low even when you start running fast.

Q. Is it possible to move one place to another?

A. Yes. This is one of the most portable treadmills available. You can fold it easily and re-position it to your desired location quickly.

Q. While exercising is it possible to play  games or work on  laptop ?

A. No. Phoenix 98510 is a manual treadmill that is inclined. This means you have to hold onto the handles while running. If you try to walk or jog without holding the side handles you will feel like you are going uphill and falling back.

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Final words

The Phoenix 98510 Easy-up manual Treadmill is a great exercise equipment for individuals who are looking for a basic, easy to use, and affordable treadmill. Since it does not have an electrical motor, it will have fewer breakage problems thus easy to maintain. The product is also very safe especially to people who have knee and hip issues or balance issues. This is because the treadmill will stop moving the moment you stop walking. In addition, the model provides you with an excellent workout for an unbelievable low price.