When Should The Treadmill Belt Be Replaced?

treadmill belt

For a fit body you must burn some extra calories you consume during the day. And, for that a fixed amount of time should be spent for exercising. That’s when you need a treadmill, which is considered a friend to all those who happen to be quite busy yet concern their health. But, after using for quite a long time your treadmill should be inspected and sometimes the belt is required to be replaced. Here in this article we will learn when to change the belt of a treadmill.

There are some obvious signs that indicate the changing time of your treadmill belt. Usually the belt of a treadmill is rigid enough to be worn out. But still it can be out of date without showing any sign. So a regular checkup is needed. Immediate Treadmill Belt Replacement becomes necessary when few incidents occur. These cases are:

  • Your treadmill belt may get worn out. It will show some marks. It may be torn.
  • It may get loose its smoothness.
  • Or your belt may have excessive smoothness.
  • Sides of the belt may get displaced. That is a reason why it may not work properly. Or it may disturb you when running.
  • It may not show any sign of wear from above, but somehow it may get damaged in the bottom side. As the machine and the deck gets hot while running, the lower part that be in touch with deck may get damaged easily.

Except these problems, other problems with the deck can also happen. The belt might not fit properly after using some days. Or the deck may lose its spontaneity.

If these things happen then it’s indicate that the changing time of treadmill belt is knocking the door. But you should also be careful while changing it. Before changing, take some preparations. Fine them below:

  • Before changing the belt, you need to switch off the treadmill.
  • Then loosen your treadmill’s deck screw with the proper screw driver. Do not just open it, just lose it.
  • Then check the belt properly. Each and every corner. Not only the belt, check the deck too. Check the upper side. Check the lower side properly. As stated above some damage can be done to down side without showing any conscience. Check both the sides of the belt. Detect the problem.
  • Now, replace the old one with a new one. For the best outcome, you may follow the instruction manual given with the treadmill.

Besides these problems there may be other silly problems too which may lead you to change the belt. Moreover if you are doubtful, please change it as soon as possible.

Treadmill is one of the best and easiest exercising tools. It helps you get your fats and extra calories burnt within a very few minutes. But this tool needs proper treatment as it serves you the best. Take care of you treadmill. It will surely take care of your health accordingly. Stay tuned for the next topic…Adios!!!

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