Are children safe around a treadmill?

treadmill safety

Treadmill is a home exercising equipment. This is one of the best fat burning machine one can have his disposal. A treadmill is not only for running, sometimes it can be used to do some other free hand exercises too. Though using it seems to be very easy but maintenance of these tool is not that much as it seems to. Rather it can be much dangerous if one is not careful enough while using. And children are a big concern as it can cause serious damage to them. Here we will learn about the dangers of using a treadmill and ways to safeguard your children from that.

Dangers that may occur to your children when they are around are as follows:

  • The gaps of the treadmill is quite a danger part of the equipment. It can harm your bare foot or other body part. And not to mention, for the children, these gaps are the dead holes. If children are having fun with the machine or around it, make sure they don’t get injured being trapped inside the gaps.
  • The track is another dangerous part for the children because it is slippery and inclined. So, if a child starts the machine riding on it and somehow speeds it up, then a painful fall is a must.
  • The cords of the treadmill is another matter of concern. Most of the treadmills are having their cords covered still some are not. If you are having one with uncovered wires and cords, it may cause damage to your child.
  • Moreover, the belt is harmful enough to put some skin problems in the child’s body. As the belt gets hotter when in use, it may cause scars on the foots of the child.

To avoid such problems parents should be careful. They should take some preventive measures to safeguard their child. These are:

  • One should restrict their child from using the treadmill. Under the close supervision of the parent, they may use for a little amount of time, but not alone.
  • Parents should keep the tool in a different room. The room must be locked so that the child cannot have access to that even if he or she want.
  • One must have proper sense to switch off the treadmill after using.
  • Some of the expensive treadmills have the security code system to turn on the device. That may help the parent to control their children from having access to the equipment.
  • There is safety key. Use it properly to lock the machine.
  • Keep the safety keys away from the infants who have the tendency to eat anything they get.
  • Keep your treadmill’s cords covered and tidy. These will lessen the possibility of accident not only for your children, but also for you.

If you are a smart parent who is health conscious as well as careful enough about the safety of your child, then you must be grateful to us for our guidance. Be safe, be healthy.

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