How should you treat acne? It’s easy if you follow these tips

how should you treat acne

Who doesn’t hate acne? Sometimes those little demons make you feel so low that you eventually start to hate yourself. I had to deal with acne while I was 17.  I have had them until I turned 20, and applied these cool homemade formulas. If you are dealing with acne and looking for a solution about how should you treat acne by most natural way possible, be sure to read through the tips I have for you.

Before we get started with the tips, let me tell you this. Not all skins are same. You should always be careful about using chemicals and medicine on your skin as those can harm you more than doing good. Trust me; I had horrible experience while trying to treat acne with different creams and ointment from over the counter medicine stores.

So how did I get rid of acne? Simple, I followed some rules and daily routines which I am going to share with you.


You see, we normally get acne and other skin problems during our teenage. Mostly the time when we tend to live unhealthy lifestyles. Diet! Yes, you need to fix your food habit and watch your nutrition intake. Your skin needs foods; I mean proper nutrition. To fix your diet, you can follow these tips which I am sure will help you fight your acne problem.

  • Drink lot’s of water. I am not going to tell you how much you should as you can simply calculate according to your weight and height with the help of google.
  • Avoid all kind of fast-foods. I know, this could be hard initially, but when you see those bumpy culprit going away from your skin, you will learn to adjust.
  • If you have a habit of eating red meats, please stop. These are not good for your skin it requires lot’s water by your body to digest them fully. So, your skin face dehydration that often causes acnes.
  • Try to include these foods in your diet: Salmon, Oranges, Brown Rice, Broccoli, Almonds and other Vitamin E rich foods.
  • Stay away from alcohol as much as you can.

2.Keep your Skin Clean

If you want to cure acne, you need to keep your skin moist and clean at the same time. You need to take extra care of affected area so make sure you are cleaning your face at least five times in a day. I can suggest you few tips about taking care of your skin that will help you fight the acne problem.

  • Use cold water to wash your face, hot water often exploits the affected area and make things worse.
  • You need to stay away from soaps as they contain chemicals.
  •  Try to use homemade paste. Aloe vera and green tea oil are very good for your skin.
  • Baking soda is a blessing for your affected skin. Make a paste with 2 table spoon of baking soda and 4 table spoon water.
  • Honey and cucumber masks are great too for fast results.

3.Follow Routine

Living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining daily routine will help you win half the battle. Here is some simple tweak you can add to your daily routine that will help you cure acne naturally.

  • Get enough sleep. When you are spending lots of long nights and not getting enough sleep, that directly affects your immune system which leads to different kind of diseases. So getting sound sleep is really important.
  • Try to do Excercise daily as it will help increase blood circulation in your body which will help you improve your immune system to fight all kind of bacterial infection on your skin.
  • Replace coffee with green tea or water
  • Don’t change your beauty products too frequently, at least wait three weeks before trying something new for your skin.

Until now I have shared some tips that will help you to stay away from acnes, but what if you have them sprinkling around your face right now and you want some fast solution? Well, I have few home-based remedies to suggest.

Tea tree oil and lemon Juice paste

Tea tree oil has an active antioxidant portion, and lemon is full of citric acid that not only helps clean your skin from inside but also tightens your skin for a healthy look.

Honey Pack

Use honey pack at least three times a week; I promise you will be a pimple free in no time.


Papaya has magical properties for your skin. It will help you cure your acne problem also help to remove the scars from your face. You can either add papaya to your diet or use its juice mix as face pack three times a week.

Cucumber Therapy

Cucumber is a blessing for your skin. When you have some leftovers after preparing your salads don’t throw them away in the trash can, apply them to your affected areas. With the help of its cooling effect, it will heal your acne faster.

You may still have questions about how should you treat acne? But I will suggest you follow the tips shared here before jumping around for a magical formula. It’s a skin disease, and it takes time to cure acne with natural remedies. But when you follow these steps strictly you will get there in no time. Trying different methods or acne removal products will make it worse. Be calm about it and accept acnes as a part of your body and treat them with your habit of living a healthy life.

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